Zen And The Art Of Positive Thinking!


If you’re anything like me you’ve probably heard that one of the most common practices of successful people is that of positive thinking.But firstly is this true or just an ‘urban myth’ and if this IS true then how easy is it to  make this a practice in YOUR everyday life when there are so many other pulls on your time?

Of course I’m sure that like all of us you’ll have had great days where everything goes well and of course it’s been easy on days like this to keep your thoughts positive and empowering.

But what about those days when it just seems nothing can go right and you just can’t  keep that nagging voice of doubt and negativity from raining on your parade!

Well here’s one simple idea that I once learnt from Tony Robbins on the power of thought reframing and it goes something like this…

Tony’s Thought Reframing Strategy:

The  key to stamping out negative thoughts really fast is to accept that your thoughts not only influence your actions, but that they are also influenced BY the actions which you take as a result of them.

Say again?

Well in other words, when you allow fear to take over and you act fearfully, that same fear often starts to grow more and more powerful until it literally can stop you dead in your tracks!

So what should I do?

Recognise that fear is only a symptom born out of an overactive sense of self-protection and it does not rule you if you refuse to let it! So next time you notice these feelings, instead of letting them take over, focus instead on taking positive action and acting out of a position of courage and decisiveness and pretty soon you’ll find that your fear will take on a new context: Excitement!

Sounds a little too good to be true?

Well think about this: At there most basic the feelings of fear and excitement aren’t really that much different are they?

They both cause accelerated heartbeat, rapid breathing and a heightening of your physical senses wouldn’t you agree?.

Yet there is an enormous difference in the frame of mind that accompanies fear and that which accompanies excitement, and that frame of mind is influenced by your experiences.

For example, if you fear rejection and choose to retreat into the privacy of your own thoughts, you’re only reinforcing what you fear through what psychologists call “self-rejection.”

On the other hand, if you choose to act in courage by either approaching or speaking to that person that you have been nervous of approaching then you give fear a new context through having taken ACTION.

So, the more persistent you are in confronting your fear with ‘acts of courage’ then the less like fear it will seem, and the more excitement and self- assurance you’ll start to feel next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

So,the next time you’re overwhelmed by worry or fear, or any other kind of negative thought, ask yourself this: “What action is this negative thought keeping me from taking?”

Listen carefully to the answer and if the action you wanted to take still seems a sensible one and the only thing stopping you is that niggly little voice in your head, take action right in that moment and know that you are on the path to becoming a more decisive, courageous and empowered action taker!

You see, as everyone I’ve spoken too who has tried this approach has told me, it’s as if once you discover the source of your negative thoughts, they simply lose their power to influence you, whereas if buried in your subconscious mind you’ll miss the insights that they hold, and they’ll persist as that negative self-talk.

So if fear and anxiety have held you back from taking specific actions, start adopting this mindset today and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to achieve in the weeks and months to come that you would previously have thought impossible.

Looking forward to hearing those ‘reframing’ success stories!