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Zen And The Art Of Positive Thinking!

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably heard that one of the most common practices of successful people is that of positive thinking.But firstly is this true or just an ‘urban myth’ and if this IS true then how easy is it to  make this a practice in YOUR everyday life when there are so […]

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Creatively Thinking A Path To Success

  We’ve surely by now all heard about the power of harnessing our creativity. And I’m equally sure that most if not all of us can remember at least one time when we’ve acted from a position of creativity and had the most incredible results. But why don’t we do this more frequently, why is […]

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10 Ways To Lasting Prosperity

If you are not quite as financially free as you’d like to be by now, it’s probably all in your mind!! It might sound like a cliché but really we all know this to be true!  In fact it’s our words, inner negativity, thoughts and attitudes that left unchecked can stop us from reaching our highest […]

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