Creatively Thinking A Path To Success


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We’ve surely by now all heard about the power of harnessing our creativity. And I’m equally sure that most if not all of us can remember at least one time when we’ve acted from a position of creativity and had the most incredible results. But why don’t we do this more frequently, why is creative thinking so powerful and what does this mean for you on your road to success?

Well simply put, when you think creatively or ‘intuitively’ your thinking comes from a place of deep knowing, wisdom and connection.

And if you think ‘creatively thinking’ sounds a little bit too ‘new age’ for you and feel tempted to skip to the end of this post, remember that this style of thinking is practiced by leaders and entrepreneurs from as diverse a set of circumstances as your local downtown small business owner to Richard Branson of the Virgin Group and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

So how can you make ‘creative thinking’ part of your personal development strategy?

Well first here’s a little bit of background!

Your Left vs. Right Brain

  • Your Left brain – Analytical, intellectual and rational.
  • Right brain – Creatively focused, intuitive, thoughtful and sensitive.
  • Which one are you—left-brained or right-brained? Do you focus on solving things, or helping people?
  • Whether you’re left- or right-brained, or a combination of the two, focus on developing your intuitive thinking. You may still need the intellectual approach too,if you are engaged in something practical, but remember it was the intuitive approach that finally allowed Einstein to come up with his theories on relativity and Edison to come up with the light bulb!

The Benefits of Intuitive Thinking

  • SUCCESS! You’ll often be more successful then using intellectual thinking alone. Every great leader (from Oprah to Obama) knows that responding to those intuitive feelings (when something feels right or wrong from deep within you) is what often counts the most.
  • EMPOWERMENT! Do you find that you often need to look for answers outside of yourself? Well why not become empowered by knowing that you already have everything within you that you need to be happy! YOU already have all of the answers – from landing that new dream job, to having the solution to improving those important personal and business relationships!
  • CONFIDENCE! Follow your intuition and you’ll very often eliminate procrastination and poor decision making which will often in turn cause you to become more confident and secure in your decisions.
  • CONNECTION! Whether you feel that your spiritual in nature or not, many people who develop their intuitive faculties talk about uncovering a deeper connection to their higher purpose. In fact many will describe this as a form of transformation and will often talk about feeling far more ‘connected’ then they had been previously.

Living A Life ‘On Purpose’ …

  • An intuitive approach often leads to you to being unconsciously able to pay attention to a huge amount of inner wisdom and insights that you might otherwise ‘tune out’. Focus on those inner insights and get far more clear on what your true goals and mission are.
  • Don’t talk yourself out of your new found intuitively generated ideas. Instead thank your intuition with the following affirmation: “I am guided by my intuition constantly, and trust it and respond to it fully.”
  • Leave your ego and previous self-critical habits at the door. Don’t get in the way of your intuition, instead realise that it serves as a guide for you and is there to help you achieve your true and best purpose
  • Remember EVERYBODY has the ability to heighten their intuitive skills, although more sensitive people can tap into their intuition straight off the bat. Learn how to access those gut feelings rather than ignore them as you might previously have done and then pay attention to the positive patterns in your life that show up unexpectedly as a result!.

A Few Last Words …

Your intuition, like the thoughts you send out, is one of the most powerful tools you have to work with and to when listened to will help guide you through your life. So as it’s no one else’s place to tell you what’s best for you, or give you advice on what they think will make you most happy, trust in that intuitive wisdom of yours to lead you towards the life choice that’s right and good for you.

To your creative and intuitive success!!




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