10 Ways To Lasting Prosperity

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If you are not quite as financially free as you’d like to be by now, it’s probably all in your mind!! It might sound like a cliché but really we all know this to be true!  In fact it’s our words, inner negativity, thoughts and attitudes that left unchecked can stop us from reaching our highest and richest potential.

So what’s the solution?

Well how about looking at the following checklist to ‘kick-start’ your attitude!

Sean’s 10 Step Prosperity Challenge:

Eliminate Any Money ‘Negativity’

  • We all have our own individual attitudes to money—either positive or negative.
  • So try focusing on the first thoughts that occur to you as you start to think or deal with your finances. If these are negative, then try reframing these thoughts and feelings with the more empowering and prosperous —“I love the sense of freedom that money provides me,” or “When I create multiple streams of income, then I will create the freedom to live as I chose.”

Start Believing That You Are Already Wealthy

  • We’re not talking ‘fake it until you make it’ here, however it IS true that our thoughts determine our outcomes. In other words if you think that you’re wealthy already then you’re more likely to become wealthy!
  • Prosperity always comes in many forms. So it’s not just about money,but also about having loving relationships, supportive family and friends, and of course cash enough in the bank to be able to do what you’d like.
  • Cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ by showing appreciation for those things that you already have. Why not use positive affirmations like “I am grateful for and appreciate…” and fill in the blanks with whatever you ARE grateful for and appreciative of.

Give Sincere Thanks for the Money You Have Already Generated

  • Appreciation is one of the most powerful forms of energy, and as Bob Proctor and others tell us in ‘The Secret’ the more we express gratitude and appreciation the more the Universe will look to send back to us. (But we do of course need to take ACTION as well!
  • Try making a gratitude list every night before going to bed, and feel happier in the morning.
  • As you do, prosperity will come in many different and unexpected ways—improved health, an unexpected increase in pay, long-lost friends coming out of “nowhere,” etc.

Use Focused And Positive Wealth Affirmations to Enhance Your Income

  • “I am valued by what I do and the contributions I make. I love putting my skills to work, and being paid abundantly for them!”
  • “Money comes effortlessly to me, and for me.”
  • “Money is everywhere, and I am grateful for it in my life.”
  • “I attract money through the value I give to others”

Visualize the Feeling Of Independence And Freedom That Money Can Give You

  • Positive feelings around money and wealth creation set up a positive cascade of visualization and certainty. And the Universe WILL responding, providing of course that this is also linked in to effort and ACTION-TAKING
  • Think about the good sensations that money can bring— feelings like freedom, , peace, independence, and the feelings that you might experience if you were able to use your wealth to make a positive contribution to your community

Give Some Money Away (and It Will Come Back!)

  • This sends out a powerful signal to the Universe and demonstrates that not only are you in a position to enjoy everything you have, but you are also focused on helping and reaching out to others. Doing so is acting out of love, and nothing attracts more money to you than the positive energy of love!
  • Try giving away something RIGHT NOW—and watch the “Law Of Attraction” kick in. When you give money, (or time, or your expertise away) with no expectation of anything in return, you’ll be resonating with the “Law Of Attraction” at the highest level and abundance will inevitably flow.

Focus on Abundance…And Not Lack!

  • Become prosperous by cultivation ‘prosperous thinking’!
  • Think in terms of “love” and not “fear”
  • Focus on giving thanks and appreciation for what you already have and stop worrying about what you might not have YET ! ..

Remind Yourself Just How Very Lucky You Are

  • Focus on the idea of the ‘wealth pipeline’ that we can all tap into with the right attitude, positivity and commitment to taking action. Money WILL flow!
  • Wealth and money need not be a struggle. There are enough examples of people who have become financially independent from even the most humble of backgrounds! Wealth creation is your right.
  • There are many trillions of dollars, rupees, pounds, euros and all forms of currency circulating in the world! Imagine this wealth flying above you, and then imagine reaching up high and the feeling of your fingers connecting with those crisp $100 bills. Hold onto that moment in your mind as long as possible and remember that this is not just about the accumulation of wealth, but what it would do for you, your loved ones, your family and your community!

You’ve Got To Take Some Risks

  • Some element of risk taking is necessary when it comes to making more money. If what you are currently doing isn’t producing results you DO have to take different actions. And sometimes this can feel a little uncomfortable. But also this may allow you an opportunity to actually make money and generate income by doing more of what you REALLY love?
  • Make that long-overdue list of everything that you really enjoy doing, and then take a look and see if anything on that list could be a money making opportunity!. You might also want to think about ways that you can leverage your unique and individual skills to make a profit. Maybe there’s something you’ve never considered offering to others that you could turn into cash flow?
  • Network with like-minded people locally nationally, online and through social media. You’ll soon begin to build networks and alliances with other positive and like-minded people.

Write Yourself a Check from the Universe

  • It’s reported that a young and struggling Jim Carrey once wrote himself an imaginary $10million check and focused on this every day. He credits this with giving him the necessary self-belief to step away from his more humble background. Why not write yourself an imaginary check with the Universe as your ‘banker’ Focus on EXACTLY what amount you would like to receive, just as Jim Carrey did and again like him, don’t worry at this stage whether it sounds ‘realistic’ or not. Just fill out that check as if it’s real RIGHT NOW!
And Finally?

Make sure that you put the check somewhere where you’ll be able to see it every day on the fridge, pinned to a vision board, etc.)To you and your ‘Wealth Journey’

To your ongoing ‘Wealth Success!’ 


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